Our custom-made blinds are an economical and timeless option for your home.

2” Horizontal Faux Wood Blinds

Want the look of wood blinds without the hefty price tag? Our 2” faux wood blinds are the perfect option for kitchen’s, bathrooms and other areas of your home with high humidity. A blend of wood and resin, they are available in a multitude of colours.

Vertical PVC Blinds

Do you have a large window in your home? Also sometimes called Venetian blinds, vertical PVC blinds are a stylish and functional option that will add privacy and style to any space and are especially useful when you need to cover a patio door or other large window.

2” Horizontal Wood Blinds

Love the look of wood blinds? Our 2” wood blinds made of all-natural materials are an excellent choice for your living room, bedroom, or office. Available in different designer stains, tones, and textures, they will complement a cool décor and warm up any space.

1” Aluminum Blinds

Looking for a classic option to define your space? Our traditional and functional 1” aluminum blinds will work in any area and are available in a variety of colours.